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Tips to Improve your Game

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Tips to Improve your Game

Interested in how you can improve your pool game? Read on for tips to help you get started.

Always keep your head straight. Unfortunately, many players have a tendency to tilt their heads in order to accommodate their dominant eye. This can cause problems because it gives you a sideways view of the shot.

Make sure your bridge hand is secure. Push your fingertips slightly onto the cloth to make sure your bridge hand won’t slip or move when your cue stick is driven through to make contact with the ball.

Always try to keep your back swing slow and smooth. Try to avoid bringing your arm back too fast. This eats of time you can’t afford to lose. That time need to be focused on your target. In addition it increases the chance you won’t see the ball and as we all know if you can’t see it you’re likely to miss it.

Make an effort to be sure your backhand is relaxed and loose. Remember, tension is enemy number one. If you apply tension to your cue stick, you are decreasing the chances it will travel in straight line. Avoid this!

Take some time to analyze the table and decide where you want to position the cueball for your next shot. It is critical to know where you want it to go in order to drive it there.

Keep in mind that it is also important to analyze those shots you missed. Try to figure out why you missed; this will help you to make a mental correct that can serve you well later on. It will help you to prevent making the same mistakes repeatedly.

Try to avoid losing your cool. This is the detriment of many otherwise great players. Keep in mind that no matter what happens, you must not let it get to you. Things happen, the point is to make sure you maintain a good attitude. This is important not only for good sportsmanship but also for your mental game as well.

Make sure you know how you want to position that ball before it’s actually your shot. If you haven’t decided yet before you get into position to shoot there is a strong chance you’re going to miss the shot.

Always make sure you know the rules. It’s not unusual at all for most hall or bar to have their own version of the standard rules. If you’re not sure, take the time to find out before you begin to play.

Take the time to practice and develop a good break. This should be done by focusing and making sure the cue ball is kept under control and doesn’t go flying off the table or in a pocket; which takes away your control of the game and provides your opponent their first shot.

When you must make the decision between solid or stripe, try to choose the balls that you think will give you the greatest chance of winning in the first inning. If that’s not possible, make a selection that will surely block your opponent’s balls and provide you with an opportunity for safe play.

Take the time to prepare and know the table on which you are going to be playing. Map the table. Plan ahead.

It can also be helpful to join a league. Playing competition style can go a long way toward helping you to improve your game. It gives you the opportunity to recognize your weaknesses, work on them and improve them.

Finally, practice, practice, practice. Even if you’re just beginning, the value of practice cannot be underestimated.